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Introducing Indigo: Your Ultimate IT Partner. Experience enhanced efficiency, productivity, and success with us. We empower your team, streamline operations, and tackle challenges head-on. Join our dedicated squad for innovative solutions that make a difference. Embrace Indigo, where innovation meets your business’s future.

Step into the world of Indigo: Your IT powerhouse. Discover heightened efficiency, productivity, and triumph with our expert support. From empowering your team to simplifying operations, we’re here to conquer challenges together. Join forces with our dedicated squad for impactful solutions. Embrace Indigo and unlock a future where innovation and success unite.

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Indigo Unified Communications: Your IT and telephony support.

Indigo: Your Guide Through IT and Telecoms. In the ever-evolving world of IT and Telecoms, staying on track can be challenging. That’s where Indigo steps in – your solution for worry-free navigation. With expertise spanning Business Mobiles, IT, Internet, and Phone Systems, our mission is to simplify IT. Envision seamless operations and effortless tech solutions. Partner with us to light your path, enabling you to thrive. Rely on Indigo for a smoother IT and Telecom journey.

Looking to change network, plan or tariff? Or do you need the latest mobile technology and more efficient phones? We can help.

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Work from anywhere! Use any device with secure and reliable video conferencing, chat, and a business phone solution.

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Providing the best IT Support for your business starts with a holistic and strategic, overview of your requirements.

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Need rapid, reliable and relentless Wi-Fi for your business? Our customers enjoy Wi-Fi so stable that they take it for granted.

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Why choose us

Comprehensive IT support for your business.

Unleash Success with Indigo’s Dream Team!

Meet seasoned Solutions Architects, top-notch Technical Teams, and IT Support superheroes at Indigo, ready to turn your tech challenges into triumphs.

Need impartial advice and unwavering support for secure services? From ideal Business Broadband to seamless IT Support, our experts are here to guide you.

Navigate tech effortlessly with Indigo. We’re your dedicated partner for tailored solutions, whether you’re a start-up or SME. Your success drives us.

Ready for unparalleled support? Let Indigo pave the way, freeing you to focus on your business greatness.

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What Our Clients Say about us

Welcome to the realm of satisfied customers! We’re thrilled to share the voices of those who have experienced the transformational power of our services. But don’t just take our word for it – let our customers’ stories speak for themselves. Dive into the world of success stories and discover how we’ve helped businesses just like yours thrive. Their journeys are a testament to the remarkable results we deliver. Ready to be inspired? Read on and envision the possibilities that await when you partner with us!

We cannot recommend Indigo Unified Communications enough. We’ve worked with the company for over 9 years. Craig, Kenny and the team have always delivered excellent service and value for money. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to react whenever we need them. We trust them implicitly that they have our IT requirements under control.
Affinity Brokers
Through the project from initiation into delivery and support, Indigo have provided an excellent quality of service with clear communication. We have peace of mind knowing there is a large team of experts behind us providing a quality IT service.
Jamie Swinney
Since moving to Indigo, Kenny and the team have provided us with a new level of support, comfort, and confidence in our ‘round the clock’ reliance on IT and connectivity. This affords us the freedom to concentrate on what’s important to us – delivering a first class, vibrant events program. Their level of service doesn’t seem comparable to any companies we have worked with previously, and it truly feels that Indigo goes above and beyond in supporting us. I wish we had crossed paths sooner.
SWG3 Glasgow

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