6 Signs You Need To Change Your IT Provider

Your IT setup has transformed drastically this past year – and the technical revolutions of 2021 aren’t about to slow down for it either.

But if your company is failing to evolve, adapt and react to these changes, might the problem lie with your current Managed IT Provider?

Your company infrastructure’s a complex beast, demanding stable hands to keep it tamed. But if you’re constantly being set back by the following slouches of service, it might be time to assess how well managed your IT really is under your current Service Provider.

Your Problems Are Recurring, Not Recovering

A Managed Service Provider is the beating heart of any infrastructure, and everything that keeps your technology ticking relies on their ongoing maintenance. Updates, troubleshooting, connection issues: these are the things your provider should be keeping an eye on and fixing behind the scenes. In fact, the most noticeable thing about a good MSP is how little you notice them at all!

If you’re constantly contacting your provider with the same old technical troubles, it’s likely that the problem is far more deep-seated – and may reside on their end, not yours.

They’re Never There When You Need Them

It’s not just the ‘now’ that your provider should be catering to – it’s also the future of your company. As well as technical support as and when you need it, your provider should be considering the future and growth of your company.

As such, they should be anticipating any projected changes, or actively monitoring the growth of your company. If your every major change is followed by a frantic call to your provider, they’re not quite fulfilling their end of the service – and at worst, are just a glorified helpdesk.

They’re Reactive, Not Proactive

Speaking of frantic calls, let’s not forget response times: they matter. This is more than just the time it takes to answer your calls, however; it’s about how quickly your MSP can take you from a problem raised to a problem solved. If you’re constantly needing to update your MSP operators on your situation, business and service history, they’re not only wasting your time, but their other clients’ too.

If you’re sourcing a new MSP, ask them about their service desk setup. At Indigo Unified Comms, we match each client to the service desk we feel best suits their business needs. Not only does this mean they’ll speak to the same team of staff every time, it also means we’re up to date with our clients’ situation from the moment we pick up the phone.

They’re All Upsell, No Upkeep

Alarm bells should be ringing if your MSP’s answer to an ongoing problem is to keep selling you new solutions. Don’t get us wrong – there are times when nothing other than an all-new technology will do, and we at Indigo Unified Comms will tell you so if we think there’s a solid case for it. But if you’re piling tech on top of tech to fix a recurring problem, your MSP isn’t upkeeping – they’re upselling.

If your MSP advises you to keep throwing money at an issue, then they haven’t only matched you with an inappropriate setup, they’ve failed to hold up their end of the service agreement. If their solution continues to drain you of resources, then there’s only one business benefitting from this partnership and unfortunately, it isn’t yours.

Your Billing Is Unpredictable

An MSP isn’t just for getting your infrastructure in order. It should also be helping you manage your budgets.

Part of this is having a structured, understandable pricing scheme that makes managing your monthly costs predictable. If your company finds itself budgeting for a major new project or scheme, you’d at least want an MSP that provides a little financial certainty.

If you find that your service plan is introducing unfamiliar new costs every month, or you’re falling for financial ‘gotchas’ within your SLA’s small print, your Managed Services just got that much harder to manage. A decent provider will cover any shared responsibilities openly and honestly, and if they don’t keep your costs consistent then they’ll at least provide a pricing scheme that makes it that much easier.

They’re Just Not on Your ‘Level’

It’s a small one, but it makes a world of difference. Follow your gut – does your provider understand you, your goals and your business?

Ideally, both you and your MSP want a strong, long-lasting relationship where the two of you grow to work stronger together. If they don’t show an interest in your business, don’t form personable relationships with your Senior Managers, and can’t seem to match their solutions to your needs and values, you might question how dedicated they are.

You want your MSP to be committed, and they want their relationship with you to be long-lasting and prosperous. If they can’t prove either of those values, could you maybe find a provider that can?

You want your MSP to be committed, and they want their relationship with you to be long-lasting and prosperous. If they can’t prove either of those values, could you maybe find a provider that can?

A successful business means finding a successful Managed Service Provider – especially if you’re looking to make big changes and modernise your setup. We’re here to make that happen.

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