About Us

Indigo Unified Communications are your support in the world of IT and telephony services.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of IT and Telecoms, it’s easy to spend all your time worrying how your customers can reach you, when you should be concentrating on delivering your products services to your customers. Indigo Unified Communications aim to remove this worry from you. 

By delivering a complete suite of services from Business Mobiles, IT Services, Business Internet and Business Phone Systems, Indigo stand by their words about Making IT Easy.

We simplify the processes throughout your journey by ensuring our customers have access to our suite of the latest managed services.

Providing The Best Service

Our experienced team are committed to providing the best services to our customers with a promise that encompasses our core values


To build long-term relationships, trust, and confidence with our customers

Impartial Advice

To proactively source the most cost effective and best quality products

Bespoke Support

To take responsibility to resolve any issues and if needed provide support on business continuity.

Unifying your ICT needs – we’ve got it covered!

Indigo Unified Communications is a UK focused Information and Communications technology (ICT) company.

Our aim is to ‘Make IT easy’ by simplifying processes throughout the ICT journey by ensuring our customers have access to our suite of the latest up-to-date managed services.

From IT services, business mobile, hosted telecoms, print and connectivity (Wi-Fi and broadband) – we’ve got it covered!

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