Are Business Mobile Contract Cheaper

A common question that we’re asked is: “are business mobile contracts cheaper than their ‘consumer’ counterpart?”

What we mean by this is; if you went to an O2 shop on the high street and bought your staff 20 mobile contracts, then would that be cheaper than going to a business mobiles reseller and getting 20 mobile contracts that way?

Are Business Mobile Contracts Cheaper?

The short answer is: Yes, business mobile contracts are normally cheaper. Business mobile providers (like us) have many different options available to businesses that other, consumer, contracts cannot offer. This includes kit funds, pooled data and more.

Generally speaking, if you have 2 or more employees, then business mobile contracts are a more cost effective solution than providing each employee with an off-the-shelf contract from a network.

You must also consider payment and account names etc. For example, if employees change their handsets, and they’re all on separate personal contracts—then this can get messy. Whereas if your employees are all on one business account, then you can just upgrade and change them as one unit.

What’s the difference between business and personal mobile contracts?

Understanding why business mobile contracts are cheaper is important. We understand how important your business is to you, and therefore it’s important to make the right choice with your business mobiles. Here is a few of the main differences between business and personal mobile contracts:


Nobody likes to be sat on the phone for hours on hold to a call centre. It’s a massive waste of time—especially if you’ve got a business to run. I can’t speak for other providers, but we offer our clients in-house, UK-based support and one point of contact, so you’re not sat for hours on the phone.

Kit funds

If you’re looking to provide your employees with handsets, then you may also be able to set up a kit fund. This enables you to get free to reduced price handsets for your business. This is not something that personal contracts offer.

Pooled data

A common request we get is for data-heavy contracts. If you have lots of staff that use lots of data when they’re out and about, you can pool your data allowance between specific numbers. For example, you could share 200GB between 10 numbers—meaning they could all use data from this allowance. This is often significantly more cost effective than personal contracts with set data allowances.

Access to multiple networks

When considering a business mobile contract, shopping around is important. But that is the beauty of business mobiles—we have access to tariffs from multiple networks. Including O2, Vodafone and EE. This means that we can do the comparison for you to get the best deal for your business.

‍ As you can see, there are many reasons why your business may want to choose a business mobile contract over a personal one. Saving money will always be important to businesses, so it’s important to make the right decision. If you’re uncertain, get in touch and we can chat about your business mobile requirements—no sales chat, no faff. Just honest advice

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