What is a leased line?

What exactly is a ‘dedicated leased line’?  If you have any dealings with the network or connectivity of your company’s IT provision, it’s a term you have probably come across. In short, a Leased Line is a type of private network service. It can be used to run a variety of data services. But most commonly, leased […]

Indigo Only Partner With The Best

Why Choose Indigo for your Hosted Telephony… Because We Partner With The Best in 8×8 At Indigo Unified Communications we pride ourselves on only partnering with Market Leaders. Whether that be our IT offering, our Mobile Telephony offering, connectivity or even our Print services. That is why we are proud to partner with 8×8. An […]

How to setup an android handset with plan.com

If you ever need to setup new plan.com settings on your new Android phone The network should pull through these straightaway, however, in the unlikely event that your phone doesn’t pull these through, we want to make sure you are prepared and know how to set these up yourself. Here is the instructions on how […]

How to Implement Remote Working

Remote working can offer a wide range of benefits to organisations of all shapes and sizes, but even if you’ve recognised this, how can you go about implementing it? Believe it or not it might be easier, as well as cheaper, than you might have thought to put together a robust remote working policy document. […]

How secure is VoIP

With an increasing amount of businesses switching to internet-based communication services, a lot of companies are wondering how secure VoIP is. From small start-up companies to huge enterprises, all businesses are geared towards efficiency. Whether you work in real estate, domiciliary care or construction, accomplishing tasks in the best possible way is bound to be […]

How do we make IT easy?

How Do We Make IT Easy At Indigo, we have a mantra, to Make IT Easy. It might seem like a snappy little catchphrase, but if we look at the words, we are also trying to make it easy for you as well. How do we do this? Well, we remove the jargon and offer […]

How did you work from home

How Did You Work from Home? It’s probably a question you have heard a thousand times. How did you work from home, how did you make it through, what did you do to keep the plates spinning for your business? The answer was simple, you did what you needed to do to get through. Depending […]

How can 8×8 and indigo help your business

How can Indigo and 8×8 help your business? Without telecoms, companies would be unable to deliver high standards of customer service and with the addition of mobile telecommunications, organisations can be more flexible with the way their employees work and collaborate with each other. The use of smartphones gives employees new levels of productivity and […]

How broadband and leased lines are different

Leased lines and broadband both claim they can provide your business with a high-speed internet connection. But there are differences between them that impacts the speed you are actually able to get. These differences are what makes leased lines more reliable. But the size of your network and the applications you use will ultimately help […]

Help to manage your business mobile estate

Is reducing cost for your Business Mobile a challenge for you? Effective management of Business mobile costs is always a challenging task for small and medium enterprises! Mobile costs are highly sensitive to business user behaviour, and controlling that behaviour is complex and resource intensive. With the recent arrival of 5G this year, there is […]

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