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Is reducing cost for your Business Mobile a challenge for you? Effective management of Business mobile costs is always a challenging task for small and medium enterprises! Mobile costs are highly sensitive to business user behaviour, and controlling that behaviour is complex and resource intensive.

With the recent arrival of 5G this year, there is an advent of high-speed data. This will eventually result in higher data usage. Therefore, leading to higher mobile cost for SMEs. It is now time for SMEs to strike a balance between user productivity and usage controls.

Indigo Unified Communications has shaped a range of best practice guides for SMEs that offer detailed look at the causes and impact of these converging challenges on mobile IT administration and budgets; also proving clear insights and best practice approaches we can help your business with.

These are the 5 ways Small and Medium enterprises can effectively bring down cost for Business Mobile:

1. Find the mobile plans best suited to your business budget: There is a massive difference between consumer and business tariffs. They’re perfectly customisable to suit your business requirements. If your company’s requirement is to use 1000 minutes per month, then that is plan you can be put on.

2. Take advantage of shared plans: Sharing business plan between the staff is a great idea and leads to reduction in cost. This plan is most effective for start-ups and SMEs as it lets them to take one plan out and share the usage data, minutes and texts for the month, without additional mobile plan fee.

3. Clean up your inventory & remove inactive services through Mobile Device Management: Removing the clutter of unwanted inventory and inactive services through Mobile Device management could be your go to thing for reducing costs. SMEs should focus on customer centric MDM. This will lead to top-line growth while delivering operational savings.  There aren’t many initiatives that can aim to deliver both cost savings and new revenue streams.

4. Cut international roaming tariffs: Does your company have frequent international travellers? Are the high roaming changes affecting your company’s annual expenses? If yes, then it is time you move to a more effective roaming plan on your business mobile. This will ensure that you are on the right roaming plan when your staff travels abroad for work.

5. Trust the numbers: Are you looking to cut down on business mobile cost? 30 – 40% cost reduction is effectively delivered through active bill monitoring, analytics, reporting and by freeing up personnel from hours of administration. On an average, customers report a cut to their mobile bills by an average 35% with better monitoring and reporting.

You are spending more than you would want to! You will have to use a strategic approach to get this right. If this is something you want to know more about, we are happy to assist you. This is the reason why Indigo Unified Communications are best at what we do, when it comes to managing your Business Mobile estate. We have a team of people that actively manages your connections and are helping companies all  over the UK managing their spend.

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