How to setup an android handset with

If you ever need to setup new settings on your new Android phone

The network should pull through these straightaway, however, in the unlikely event that your phone doesn’t pull these through, we want to make sure you are prepared and know how to set these up yourself.

Here is the instructions on how to set these up yourself

1. Select Settings

2. Select Connections

3. Select Mobile networks

4. Select Access Point Names

5. Select the Menu button

6. Select Reset to default

7. Select Reset – Your phone will reset to default Internet and MMS settings.

8. Select Add

9. Select Name & Enter “Internet”

10. Select APN & Enter “”

11. Select Username & Enter “plan”

12. Depending on your Android device, in the APN type, either select the “internet” option. If prompted to type, enter “default,supl”. If using a OnePlus device type “default,DUN” then press ok

13. Select the Menu button

14. Select Save

15. Select “Internet”

16. Select Save

17. Your phone has now been set up to Internet.

18. In Access Point Names, Select Add.

19. Select Name & Enter “MMS”

20. Select APN & Enter “”

21. Select Username & Enter “02wap”

22. Select MMSC & Enter “”

23. Scroll down and select MMS Proxy & Enter “”

24. Select MMS Port & Enter “8080”

25. Select MCC & Enter “234”

26. Select MNC & Enter “10”

27. Select APN Type & Enter “mms”

28. Select Authentication Type & Select “PAP”

29. Select the Menu button

30. Select Save

31. Select “MMS” 32. Your phone has now been set up to MMS

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