Picking a mobile phone provider

It can often feel overwhelming to pick the best business mobile phone provider for your company. With a large pool of potential mobile phone providers, plans and prices, it’s important that your business makes the right decision. To make this easier, we’ve put together a list of four key considerations you should make when choosing a business mobile phone provider .

The plan

There are a variety of business mobile phone plans to choose from including SIM-only, device only, and a combination of the two. It’s important to consider from the outset the goal of investing in a business mobile phone plan, and the minimum that your business requires from the plan. By understanding this, the process of finding a suitable business mobile phone plan becomes a lot easier.

For example, is your goal to increase your business’ mobile working capacity? If so, finding a business mobile phone deal that includes a large data package would be vital to achieving this.

Other considerations that need to be made when sourcing the best mobile phone plan for your business

Considerations for the best mobile phone plan

The number of business mobile phone plans you will need – some providers often offer a discount above a certain number of plans.

Do you have a phone already that you would like to continue using?

This will narrow down business mobile phone providers to ones that offer the device.

Which business mobile phone providers offer the best coverage?

Having a great plan, but poor coverage will ultimately harm your business’ productivity. Choosing a business mobile phone provider with strong coverage is a must.


It’s important that your business mobile phone provider is a safe pair of hands for your organisation. Do they understand your business’ needs and requirements? Is coverage weak, or frequently prone to cutting out in areas experiencing poor mobile signal? Are they on hand to provide expert customer support if things go wrong?

We’ve been helping businesses talk to their customers for many years. From the beginning we have continually developed and extended the business phone services we offer to stay at the forefront, giving our customers the best mobile phone experience available. An Indigo Unified Communications customer is a happy customer – that’s why we’re rated 5-stars by our customers for the whole of 2021.


We can’t ignore the £ shaped elephant in the room when it comes to choosing the best business mobile phone provider for your organisation. Price is a large factor in many businesses’ buying consideration process and it’s important you receive the best value for your investment.

There are a number of business mobile phone providers that offer a cheap price for your business mobile phone plans, however, in most cases, you get what you pay for. Weak coverage, inflexible plans and poor customer service could lead your business to paying more than you bargained for in the future.

With Indigo Unified Communications latest business mobile phone packages, you can have the best of both worlds. Our best ever business SIM-only plan includes unlimited voice and text, enhanced customer support, the UK’s leading business coverage. Learn more.


Staying mobile is at the heart of modern business. Agile working ensures that your business stays competitive and adaptable in a fast-changing world. Business mobile phones are now at the heart of the movement towards flexibility – providing an ‘always on’ business approach to customer service.

Some businesses have moved their communications to a cloud-based hosted VoIP solution. Some have also adopted a business mobile solution. However, choosing one or the other can lead to a number of inefficiencies including increased time spent managing customer contacts, communications and numerous business telephone numbers.

Whilst many providers can offer your business one or the other, Unified Communication tools, gives you the power of both a hosted phone system and a business mobile solution – seamlessly integrated.

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