Print Management

Why choose Indigo Unified Communications for your managed print solution?

 Well firstly, we’re passionate about the future of technology and the environment. We aim to reduce our clients’ need to print unnecessarily and we help them to minimise their carbon footprint, saving them money and the planet.

A managed print solution consists of;

A single or multiple multifunctional devices

A document management software to ensure security and ease of workflow (ideal for organisations that print high quantities).

A support package

Indigo Unified Communications has been delivering managed print solutions to clients across the UK for a long time. We continue to work with organisations to reduce their printing costs and carbon footprint. We also help with security threats and assist individuals working from home who require a device.

We are experienced in the basics of standard print offerings but also in complex multi-site solutions that require specialist IT consultants. Indigo Unified Communications is able to bring all in-house forces together to deliver a solution that addresses the entire landscape of managed print solutions.

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