Indigo are committed to leaving no more than a light footprint on the environment, and we will become carbon neutral by 2025.

There’s a common misconception in the business world that taking an eco-sustainability position in the marketplace means reduced profits. At Indigo we think this simply isn’t true, and that a sustainable attitude to business can actually mean greater profitability.

The idea that green practices can be cost-effective may have you confused, and if you’re doubting the above statement, you wouldn’t be alone. 

So here are the facts

Companies that build sustainability into their core strategies are outperforming those who fail to show climate change leadership.

Companies that are actively managing and planning for climate change secure an 18% higher return on investment than companies that are not.

Companies investing in carbon reductions achieved a 50% lower volatility of earnings over the past decade and 21% stronger dividends than their lower-ranking peers.

Running An Environmentally Friendly Business

Running an environmentally friendly business helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources that are depleting quickly. Here are some examples of steps you could take to make your business more environmentally friendly:

Steps like these are simple, fast and effective, and can they cut thousands of pounds from your bills. These measures will support your sustainability credentials, and make you more attractive to eco-conscious clients.

For example with Indigo, remote working makes a big difference to not only the money we spend, but on the way we feel about our impact on this planet.

See, profitability can come from going green.


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