VoIP analytics: the benefits

What is VoIP analytics, and how does it work on your VoIP handset? VoIP phone systems have become the default, futureproof communications solution for small businesses and larger enterprises. Operating via an internet connection rather than through traditional copper phone lines, Voice-over-Internet Protocol systems are often faster, cheaper and more efficient than landline phones. VoIP handsets also come with a host of unique features that can go a long way towards improving your business communications, with one of the most useful being VoIP analytics.

In short, VoIP analytics is a reporting system that monitors over the phone interactions between employees and clients and uses the data gathered to provide useful feedback and insight into common call patterns. Some of the data reports that can be provided by your VoIP analytics system include: the number of calls received, the number of calls answered the first time, the number of calls missed or forwarded to voicemail, a caller’s or client’s complete call history and so much more. VoIP analytics software can also record calls, so you can look back on them at a later date.


VoIP analytics software is a useful addition to your VoIP handset and comes with numerous business benefits. Sourcing solving potential problems in your company’s communication with potential clients acts as an invaluable way to keep your customer service in top shape and subsequently make sales skyrocket. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how VoIP analytics can transform your business.


One of the biggest consequential benefits of VoIP analytics is that they call tell you what your team is doing right – and which areas need a little more work. Is your team keeping your customers on hold for too long? Are most calls being missed or forwarded to voicemail? These are small details that can easily get lost, especially if your VoIP handset is receiving a high volume of calls. VoIP analytics are here to make sure that no misdemeanour goes amiss, so you can do more of the right thing and less of the wrong, improving your customer satisfaction rate in the process.


There is no better way to get to know and retain your customers than by listening to their problems and finding the solution. The call recording feature on your VoIP handset allows you to pick up on common customer queries and complaints, allowing you to come up with quick and professional resolutions, ultimately making sure that your customers are kept happy. VoIP analytics also lets you look into purchasing patterns, optimum sale times and much more.


There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a customer support line only to be met with poor signal, a long queue and inadequate support. VoIP analytics is a great way to make sure that your helpline is in top form. Look into patterns surrounding latency, clarity of voice, waiting time and much more to make sure that your callers have the best experience possible.


VoIP phone systems are the best solution for businesses small and large, with VoIP analytics acting as a great way to make sure your communications are superior. If you’re looking to convert to a VoIP phone system, or want more information surrounding VoIP analytics, please contact Indigo Unified Communicaitons today at gethelp@indigounifiedcomms.co.uk

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