VoIP benefits for small business

From start-up to enterprise, IP phones are rapidly gaining traction in the business world – but what are the main benefits of VoIP for small businesses in particular?

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) devices have seen a huge spike in interest in recent years – and this certainly comes at no surprise. A blend of recent technological innovations, coupled with the PSTN switch off in 2025 and the rise of working from home as a result of the pandemic, have made internet-based communications the obvious choice.

In addition, globalisation means that it is integral that enterprises are able to communicate with clients, partners and colleagues all over the world, and VoIP has certainly made this easier than ever.

However, it isn’t just the large companies who are switching to this new mode of communications. VoIP also offers numerous benefits for small businesses, increasing flexibility, limiting expenses and much more.

With this in mind, take a look at the top 5 VoIP benefits for small businesses.


If you are managing a relatively small or even brand-new business, it is likely that you will want to cut costs wherever possible. The cost of VoIP for a small business is low compared to other communication systems, freeing up more cash to invest elsewhere.

For example, installing traditional phone lines is a lot more costly than using an internet-based solution, as you will need to pay for the physical hardware as well as any future maintenance and breakdown costs. Alternatively, the fact that VoIP systems are based in the cloud reduces expenditure drastically.

The costs of calls from a VoIP phone are also much lower. Calls from one internet-based service to another are usually free, whilst calls to landlines or mobiles charge lower rates than traditional services.


The ability to work from home, or work on-the-go, can be a huge asset to small businesses. Allowing your team to fully or partially work from home can reduce stress and provide employees with flexibility, increasing productivity as a result, as well as saving money on office space and commutes.

That is why one of benefit of VoIP for small businesses is its capacity to facilitate remote working. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP allows you to access your company network from anywhere with an internet connection, meaning that you can make and receive calls anywhere in the world.


If your business is in its early stages, you may be working alongside a smaller team that you are hoping to expand in time.

Adding new users, new offices and so forth can be a difficult process with traditional phone lines, as the system will constantly need to be updated. As well as being time-consuming, altering a traditional phone system can also be very expensive.

Small businesses who opt for VoIP, however, have the benefit of a highly customisable phone system. Add or remove users with ease, and reassign lines where necessary, all with no added cost.


Whether your business has limited employees or is trying to gain momentum, the last thing you and your employees need is to be spending excessive amounts of time setting up and learning how to use a new telecommunications system.

VoIP benefits small businesses by being easy to configure and set up. The range of features and high level of customisability that come with a VoIP system will make it easier to manage your team’s business communications for the foreseeable.

Indigo Unified Communications also provide a professional migration service, offering support for businesses who are struggling to use their VoIP phone and helping companies to adjust to their new system.


Competing with larger, more established businesses isn’t always easy. However, a VoIP phone system allows your small or start up business to offer enterprise-level communications and customer service for a fraction of the cost.

For example, VoIP phone systems offer the opportunity to establish a global presence. You can invest in a phone number with an international dialling code (39 for Italy, for example) and reroute all calls to your UK office. This allows companies to develop rapport and trust abroad, giving them the chance to compete with larger enterprises who have offices around the world – all whilst paying affordable prices.


It is time to take your business operations out of the past and into the future by choosing VoIP communication solutions. Transform your company operations and choose affordability, seamlessness and quick connectivity.

Indigo Unified Communications provide efficient VoIP solutions for small to large businesses. Get in touch with our team and we can provide you with a bespoke service whilst supporting your company’s transition every step of the way.

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