Want to curb the cost of your company’s mobile phone bill?

Here are a few things you might need to know.

Capping the cost of staff mobiles can mean the difference between unpredictable spiralling costs of overspend and controlled monthly payments. So, rather than expect your staff to monitor their mobile usage, what if spending was being monitored on your behalf? Or, even better, what if you could pre-determine your company’s monthly mobile phone bill? Well, actually, you can.

Unlimited minutes as standard

You can control your staff’s mobile phone usage more than you might think. Most monthly contracts now have unlimited texts and minutes, so no matter how much texting and talking your staff need to do, the cost will be a flat rate (as long as people are not abroad, that is). You’ll get itemised bills, too, so if you need to see your team’s recent calls, you can.

There are exceptions to “unlimited”: calls to non-geographic and premium-rate numbers lead to an additional charge, sometimes quite high.  One way to curb this kind of overspend is to educate users not to call non-geographic numbers, or for users where it is a necessity, add a call bolt-on which allows, for example, a hundred minutes a month for a fixed monthly charge.

Data allowance

Mobile access to the internet can easily result in overspending. Regular streaming, syncing, downloading and social media use can quickly use up data allowances. So, how much data do your employees need to carry out their roles successfully? Whether it’s 2Gb, 20Gb or even 200Gb, you can set the limit. Your staff will know what their data allowance is, and you can determine when they’ll receive alerts: at 50%, 80% or 100% data usage.

There are always exceptional weeks or months, however. So, if at any point a staff member’s allowance isn’t enough, with Simpatico, a one-off payment can add a fixed amount of extra data to their usual monthly limit.

Charitable inclinations

Suppose you have a generous team that wants to donate to worthy causes using their work phone. One £20 donation to a charity appeal could wipe out an entire month’s data access for that employee. Without a spending cap, that staff member could continue surfing and calling and, unbeknownst to them, generate a larger-than-expected bill.


Travelling abroad whether for work or holidays can lead to additional charges too.  It is a good idea to contact us/your provider before people travel to work out the most cost-effective way to do it rather than have a nasty surprise.

Unique solutions for your staff team

Here at Simpatico, we can provide bespoke solutions for your entire staff team. If you need different user profiles for employees who have different mobile needs, no problem. Whether you want to cap data usage, set your bill to a specific monetary value or prevent access to particular functions, we can help.

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